The Woofs n Wiggles Colchester Dog Grooming  and Dog Training services

Our Groom room operates by a one dog at a time policy, ensuring your dog has a relaxed and calm pamper session, with no added stress or distractions. They do not spend time in a crate, dogs are dropped off at the beginning of their booked session and picked up once their pamper session is finished.

All products are high standard, brands include ‘Groomers’ ‘Wahl for dogs’ ‘Pet Therapy’ and ‘Warren of London’. Using these products, customers really do notice a difference, even for weeks after.

Groom terms explained:

Gold: Nail clip, ears and teeth cleaned, shampoo and condition with massage. Blow dry, brush, cut and style, brush, canine conditioning sensory oil to finish.

Play and treats throughout.

 Silver: Nail clip, ears and teeth cleaned, shampoo and condition with massage, blow dry and brush, canine conditioning sensory oil to finish.

Play and treats throughout.

 Packages explained:

The puppy package is designed to help pup get used to the new experiences of grooming. This means we can have a play session in the groom room, have bath time and mini dry session, have a brush and treat session and introduce the cutting and clipping in stages, ensuring pup grows up to enjoy a good pamper and the attention!

This package is once every two weeks for two months and starts from £60

 Slow and steady package is an ideal package for larger, long haired breeds that require hand stripping, bathing, drying, cutting and the extras, but are two large to do it all in one session. It’s also a huge help to keep on top of your dogs coat and condition, providing all the grooming requirements in shorter grooming sessions, so they don’t get stressed or too hot in one big sitting. It’s also a fantastic way to keep on top of their grooming and ensuring matting and loose, dead hair, are kept at bay. This way your dog will always look and smell lovely!

This package is once every two weeks for four months and starts from £120

Scruffy to Fluffy package is an ideal package to keep your dog in beautiful condition, managing the maintenance of your dog, the package includes two Silver Grooms, two Gold Grooms, brushing to keep matts at bay and nail clip, teeth and ear cleaning sessions inbetween.

You can also choose between one pawdicure treatment, to condition and feed cracked paws and noses or a facial treatment to help those pesky tear stains!

This package is once every two weeks for four months and starts from £150

Our Training Services: Clicker and Lead Training, Fun Agility and Puppy Playgroups

Training your dog in any area is one of the best things you can be doing, to help keep 490069639_syour dog mentally stimulated, obedient and to help build respect and a bond between you and your dog. It’s also such a good opportunity for them to socialise and training your dog in a group is a completely different experience. It strengthens your dogs attention and listening whilst out, practising commands whilst there are other dogs and distractions in the room, creates a good learning environment.

This may be an option if your dog is not quite ready to be in a dog daycare environment, for example if they are too fearful, anxious or over excited, we may need to work with them before continuing with the daycare arrangements. We are very supportive and encouraging, so any problems can be changed with dedicated training from the owners. We will show you the training methods needed and with your patient and consistent hard work, your dog will be ready to experience the calm daycare environment.

 What is Clicker Training?

Our Clicker Training Class covers basic obedience using hand signals, something dogs understand a lot more than voice commands. We will work with training eye contact, sit, lay, stay, come and recalls as well as waiting at a gate while you walk threw. This is to be practised at home too, asking your dog to sit and wait before you open the back or front door or lay and stay in their bed while you walk around the house.

This training helps stop many unwanted and wanted behaviours from separation anxiety to over protection and stress levels before and during a walk.

Our class ends with a check-list to tick off and a certificate of graduation to our more advanced Clicker Training Class. This will develop other hand signal instructions like no bark, bark, toilet training in a particular spot in the garden, jobs around the home, retrieve and fun moves like training the play bow!

Results from this positive training method are having a relaxed, calmer and more assertive dog. Their tail will relax during training, which demonstrates how Clicker Training can take the dogs anxieties away and teach it a healthier mind frame, using their brain and therefore having a more content dog that understands what its role should be in life.

Clicker Training also develops the respect and relationship you have with your dog and your dog has with you.

This class is also a perfect step from Puppy Playgroup

Previous owners have seen a tremendous change in their dog from doing this course. It’s always the owners that need to be re-trained and all members of the house needs to be doing the same thing.

Testimonials are available to view on our Facebook page.

 Dogs love to learn and develop their skills, understand their humans more and most Dog training Colchesterof all, they love to please!

 Fun Agility

All breeds are welcome to our agility sessions, we believe in providing a class where competitive attitudes are thrown out the window and we are simply there to have fun with our dogs, working their brain with using the equipment, problem solving and developing the bond you have with your pooch.

We begin with a warm up massage, practice on the equipment with the help from staff if needed and at the end we each do a timed lap of the course. The dogs can be let off lead to have a play at the end and is finished with the cool down massage.

 Puppy Playgroup

This class is for very young pups and helps them to build confidence and play with each other, whilst socialising within the human environment. We have various floorboards for the pups to experience, they may need to get used to laminate floors that are in your home!

We have socialisation sounds playing in the background like fireworks, doorbells and traffic whilst they play. Various toys and tunnels are provided in the puppy playroom, we also develop their re-call and sits as well as health checks so they get used to having their mouths checked, paws and ears looked at.

 Clicker and Lead Training Class is a perfect progression from Puppy Playgroup!

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