Dog Daycare

Fun, caring, stimulating, safe - the best environment for your dog with Dog Daycare in Colchester at Woofs n Wiggles

Our award-winning daycare centre for dogs is made up of different rooms, large and medium sizes, this gives a daycare that is tailor made for our well balanced setting.  Being able to provide one to one attention with each dog using brain train games, clicker training or even just snuggle time!

We sometimes divide the dogs into groups and give them a variety of games and agility equipment to use with a member of staff, as well as simply zip around and have fun and play time with each other, inside and outside in their specially designed playground.

Each room and dog hut have beds, cushions and blankets to feel snug in, as well as lots of toys to chew and explore. Each room is designed to fulfil the needs of each guest and everyday there are stimulating games, incorporating problem solving, developing new skills and cognitive learning, concentration, obedience and physical exercise.

We believe in giving your dog an incredible stay, we have very strong values, always thinking about how we can enrich their environment and provide the best care for them while they are with us.

We upload daily posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the day because we understand how absence makes the heart grow fonder and this is one way that we can help keep you that little bit closer and see what your best friend has been up to!

Please email to book your appointment for a look around the daycare, any evening from 6pm. Your dogs taster session is for an hour and this needs to be booked in whilst the daycare is open, before 6pm.