Dogs on the box

At the moment we are spoilt for choice with dog related shows and informative programmes, as well as it being a joy to watch, fulfilling our love and passion for these wonderful animals, we also get to find out some useful information.

Dogs: Their Secret Lives, Channel 4, 8pm on Tuesdays

Mark Evans presents a live, interactive show which will exclusively reveal the results of the online survey - one of the biggest of its kind ever to be commissioned. Working alongside the well known animal behaviourist, Dr Emily Blackwell, Mark Evans tackles many issues and problems that occur so much in many owners lives.

Paul O Grady: For the Love of Dogs, ITV, 8:30pm on Thursdays

Whilst Paul O Grady shares his love and passion of dogs and offer advice, stories and information on the world of our canine companion. The series are all linked with Battersea Dogs home, working alongside many professionals and workers, helping to re-home whilst providing a wonderful, enlightening show, as does the Secret Lives of Dogs.

These shows can cover and highlight many behavioural concerns including separation anxiety, Canine Obsessive Disorder (COD), fear, lack of exercise, socialisation issues and many other misunderstandings that leads to behavioural problems with our canine best friends. Although many professionals can have differing methods and ways to solve a problem, it's great to see their collection information from us, by conducting various surveys and developing their information to further benefit us in the future.


What shows do you watch and what do think of them?

Have they helped you and your dog? What is the main thing that you've remembered from a show and why?

Are you confused with what behaviourist or method to use?

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