Assistance dogs

A great way to mental stimulate and exercise your dog is to use clicker training. This technique can create some really amazing results, assisting with practical tasks such as:

  1. Opening and closing doors and cupboards
  2. Retrieving a variety of items
  3. helping you to get undressed
  4. pressing buttons and switches
  5. raising the alarm in an emergency
  6. unloading washing machines and tumble driers
  7. much more besides, depending on your individual needs

They provide practical day to day assistance with tasks that may be difficult, painful or impossible to perform. They also provide that special companionship, unconditional love and affection which is so unique to dogs. They love to help and being given duties and tasks like this help to care for the well being and stimulation of your companion, saving them from getting bored or developing behavioural issues.

YouTube has some great clips showing the extent of what these special animals can do.


Have you clicker trained your dog to any tasks, tricks or routines?

Have you seen some of the tasks they can carry on on utube?

Feel welcome to contribute some links to show everyone what our canine companions can really be capable of!

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